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We are open to partnerships that can create value for you in your medical profession.

  • This Become a freelance partner of BettaHealth
  • Join our team of specialist to provide our clients your expertise
  • Either in your Clinic or use our well-equipped health centre to consult and examine our clients
Practice Assistance

Have you ever wished to get the right support for your patients before and after medical visits? BettaHealth understands some of the challenges to ensure the right preparation are made prior to visits and more-so the right clinical follow-up needed after a medical visit.

We have all features of healthcare and medical practice consulting that let you focus on what matters most.

Clearing House

We understand the pain in having a well-oiled system to run the administrative tasks within a medical practice, especially in Africa.

Our fully integrated, in-house claims management and medical billing solution provides a comfortable access to a complete financial claims’ solution. Do your work and we take care of the administrative work, scheduling appointments, billing clients.

Everything your medical practice needs, all in one solution

Partner with BettaHealth and earn more through referrals and consultations

We are offering a unique opportunity to be able to access more patients under a well organised medical system

Outsource the difficult but necessary preparations pre and post consultation visits

Our care team is here to ensure everything runs smoothly, so you can focus on the consultation.

Save costs and reduce administrative bottle-necks

With accurate and well trained medical practice administrators, we can keep your practice efficient.

Are you passionate about transforming health care access?

We are seeking to partner and work with Health Care Professionals who have the expertise, experience and passion to transform health care access in Africa.

We would like to hear from you. 

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