Management Team

Medical Doctor
Chief Medical Officer

Medical Doctor, Medical Administrator...

In charge of General Administration, Sales & Finance

A Financial Services and Insurance professional, with 7+ years of experience in Administrative and Financial Management in several companies and international organisations. Holder of a professional degree in Banking, Finance, and Insurance. Opens the line of communication between patients, clients, and businesses to strengthen customer relationships at BettaHealth Cameroon.

Physician Assistant
Major, In charge of Nursing Services

A Physician Assistant, with 3+ years of healthcare experience both home and abroad. Trained at the University of Cologne - Germany on Urology and Magrabi ICO Eye INSTITUTE O'back Okola Lekie - Yaounde.

Additional practical skills obtained in the private practices of Urology Neuwied - Germany, and in Home Care and Wound Management in Essen - Germany. Passionate about home care nursing and caring for the sick.

Head of Home Care
A Professional Nurse and an Educator, with training in Home Care Nursing, Wound Care and Data Processing since 2012. Holds a Master’s in Public Health (Reproductive Healthcare) and a Bachelor’s in Nursing Sciences. Passionate in innovative healthcare with orientation to maternal and childcare.
Medical Analysis Engineer
Head of Laboratory

Public Health Specialist: Infectious Disease Control

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