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Our purpose. Why we exist.

With a healthcare system in Cameroon facing profound challenges, with no organised house or family doctors,“ primary care is critical to maintaining health and caring for chronic illness. There is a gap in the continuum of care.

5-Step Plan

BettaHealth is dedicated to bring to bear the best of resources to ensure our services are well organised, well planned and well executed with the main purpose to create value for all our stakeholders.


Acquire & Create

  • Health Institutions, Medical Assets
  • Create a Network of trusted Nurse Practitioners, Doctors and Specialist Doctors



The current healthcare infrastructure suffers significantly from interoperability challenges.



Iterative development and improvement of Equipment and technology solutions.



Once optimised, we develop healthcare package solutions and offer them to Individuals, patients, doctors and companies outside of our clinic network.


Scale up

Everyone profits from our efforts. A larger network creates efficiency and offers the opportunity for the secured sharing of Knowledge, patient healthcare records within each patient’s personal healthcare network and reduction of healthcare record fragmentation. This creates opportunities for personalised care which in turn improves healthcare outcomes.

Are you passionate about transforming health care access?

We are seeking to partner and work with Health Care Professionals who have the expertise, experience and passion to transform health care access in Africa.

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