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BettaCare is our dedicated home care service

We’re experts at taking care of patients with chronic illnesses and know what it takes to keep you happy, healthy, and out of the hospital.

Daily Visits

We offer fully managed daily services for people of all ages in their own homes. 


Care need is assessed individually and tailored to individual requirements.

Care plans

We offer an initial home assessment visit, care plan, regular review visits, regular telephone contact

Quality Control

Our carers are supervised regularly. Training & professional development are provided regularly to up-skill

Types of Services

You can choose from a range of our care services

Daily Care

Our daily carers are carefully assessed on their skills and aptitude and will provide the personal care and domestic help that you need in a sensible and competent way, plus be a reassuring presence in your home, on a long-term or temporary basis. 

Temporary Care

Daily help and care will be arranged on a temporary basis at difficult or busy times.

This might be required after discharge from hospital, during periods of illness, or as relief for a relative or another carer. 

Medical Care

This includes supporting patients who need nursing care, infusion and injections services, medication administration. This may also include stroke and special therapy services such as physical, occupational and speech therapy.


+237 655 455 631

+237 651 424 104

Phone: 08:00 - 18:00

Voicemail: 24 / 24

Non-Medical Care

All our caregivers are certified, qualified, referenced and experienced.

We have no contracts to sign, recovery time depends on the patient.


Help with administering medication. Strict adherence to doctors’ orders


Cleaning, washing and ironing


Preparing nutritious meals that meet their medical dietary needs.


Grooming hair, brushing teeth, washing, shaving, nail care; plus assisting with dressing and undressing


Transferring – Correct handling of wheelchair. Transfer from chair, toilet, bed, into vehicle.

Management of symptoms

Pain, rashes, lesions etc. Doctor’s recommendations for procedures must be discussed

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