About BettaHealth and BettaCare vision

We are partnering with stakeholders across multiple industries to help shape change.

About BettaHealth

BettaHealth Cameroon is a Clinic that offers innovative access to healthcare in the Ambulatory sector, Homecare and Telemedicine. Our objectives are to improve quality of life, reduce hospitalisations, reduce time and save costs. We provide qualified and well-trained doctors and nurses to offer health care services in the comfort of the homes of our patients as well as home support service for older people, non-medical custodial care. Additionally, we also provide various ambulatory clinical care services at our health centre and emergency medicine.

Transforming healthcare delivery is a huge endeavour no one can do alone. This is why we partner with stakeholders across all industries to help shape change. With our extensive experience in healthcare, we have gained deep expertise in handling patient/clinical information and implementing clinically relevant systems and solutions in a complex environment. This significantly contributes to the necessary evolutions of frameworks that enable sustainable healthcare.

With BettaCare, you do make a gift for a better life for your loved ones.


In addition to the management and coordination of your treatments, we also provide you with direct access to a variety of specialist doctors at the Yaoundé Medical Centre (including General Medicine, Paediatrics, Gynaecology). Telemedicine is also available from specialists out of Yaoundé or abroad. 

Why choose us?


BettaHealth is led by doctors with more than 100 years of combined experience in the medicine


All our staff undertake rigorous and regular training in health care and customer care services


All critical patient conditions are reviewed by the medical board to ensure there is no lapse in service


BettaHealth is committed to round the clock care services so you get it when you need it


BettaHealth is committed to health promotion and improved life style giving you the most relevant information to keep you healthy.


BettaHealth has a dedicated clinical space to support and also makes telemedicine and home visits available

Are you passionate about transforming health care access?

We are seeking to partner and work with Health Care Professionals who have the expertise, experience and passion to transform health care access in Africa.

We would like to hear from you. 

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