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Discharge Care (Hospital to Home)
Our service makes it possible to shorten hospital stay and reduce costs. We also have trained nurses to carry out special follow up care especially in cases where quick recovery after surgery is important for patient's well-being.
Wound Care & Management
Describe this service in a bit more detail. Talk about the trauma management etc
Catheter Care
Insertion, Replacement and Care of permanent or transient urine catheters (transurethral and suprapubic) e.g. in case of benign prostate hyperplasia with urine retention, immobility, certain neurological conditions (e.g. after stroke, multiple sclerosis etc.) or general bladder weakness (urine incontinence). Does your beloved relative wear diapers due to bladder weakness? Please contact us.
Ostomy Care + Support Services
With our products and care team, we completely surround you with the support, inspiration, insights and ideas that you need to live with a stoma in your own way.
Screening and follow-up
Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes and related complications. These services also include Prostate Check-up (Prostate related illnesses and cancer).
Pregnancy and Childbirth
Postpartum and care for the newborn baby (PCPNC)
Cancer and Palliative Care
Cancer can take its toll on the patient, as well as the family members. Cancer patients need a lot of help and care, especially after Chemotherapy sessions. Our caregivers receive training on what is required from them to provide suitable living conditions and a safe environment for the patient.
Dementia / Alzheimer’s
Dementia/Alzheimer’s is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that starts slowly and progresses over time. Over time, as the disease gets worse, patients can have difficulty remembering things, struggle with speaking and language, disorientation, mood swings and other behavioural issues. Our caregivers are fully trained in the different stages of dementia / Alzheimer’s and can provide adequate care to these patients. A Caregiver placed in a home with a dementia patient will provide emotional support, as these patients go through many emotions and mood swings, which might be difficult to handle from time to time.
Physically disabled
There are many challenges that need to be faced when being physically disabled. One can be bound to a wheelchair or even a bed and not being able to use your most important limbs might place you in a difficult situation where you will benefit from the services of a caregiver. The caregiver can assist you in your physical challenges like bathing, getting dressed, making food, eating, etc.
Stroke Patients
A stroke can be a devastating and emotional experience that might cause extensive or minor damage to the brain, resulting in the body not functioning like it used to. Not all stroke patients are affected the same, therefore caring for the patient differs. A stroke can result in impairment to the one side of your body, such as your arm, leg, eye, etc. The stroke patient might have difficulty walking and doing their daily tasks. Stroke damage can make it difficult for the patient to communicate. Having a caregiver that assist and develop a relationship and provide emotional support to the patient will be of great benefit.
Post-Operative Recovery
Post-operative care is usually just temporary, until the patient recovers. Certain surgical procedures can result in the patient not being able to walk, not being able to use their arms or hands, other procedures might result in the patient not being able to see, therefore a caregiver is placed to assist the patient in daily tasks until the patient recovers and is able to perform the tasks themselves.


  • Counselling for health promotion
  • Management of minor acute ailments
  • And other Bedside Diagnostic Services

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